What to Look for While Purchasing a Neck Lanyard

Has the time arrived for you to purchase lanyards for your organization or company? There is likely a chance that you might not know what to look for while purchasing this new item. You can find neck mowiHmQeVbdtGgDkjepINzQlanyards in a couple of different styles now a days, which can make it quite difficult for you to know exactly what you are looking for. That said, here are a couple of things that you should always look into whenever you are thinking of buying lanyards

1. What is your required style for the neck lanyard?

And how long do you prefer your neck lanyards to be?
You can get lanyards in a lot of different styles, thus there might be a lot to choose from. Two of the most commonly used are the flat braid lanyards and the round braid lanyards, and thus if you are looking for something a bit too simple, these two might be the best option you would get. And if you are one of those environmentally friendly type of people, you can always check out the eco-friendly lanyards that are mostly made up of bamboo or recycled plastic. Another great option that you can always look into is the OpiWeave and the OptiBraid lanyards in which you get the option to detach the ID badge while still wearing the lanyard. There are also the awareness lanyards that you can choose, showing your businesses support to curing cancer or aids. Then, there are also the beaded or imitation leather lanyards that you can always choose from that is if you are looking for something more fashionable. The second thing that you should keep in mind once you have decided which style you want is the length of the lanyard. The standard length is 36” while the standard widths are 5/8” and 3/8”.

2. The not to break away and break away styles.

There are two different main styles that lanyards are available in – you have the non-breakaway and the breakaway styles. The breakaway lanyards are much more safer to wear compared to their counterparts, because if the lanyards are caught up in something, the breakaway clasps open, so it does not injure the person wearing it, and if safety can be a big issue for you at your workplace, these types of lanyards would be your best lanyard option. They are quite common in schools, hospitals prisons and court houses.

3. The finishing touch

One of the most important things that you need to look into while purchasing lanyards is the finishing touch. Keep in mind that the end of a lanyard can eight be sewn, can have a bead on it or even bes-l300 crimped. And if the lanyard is crimped you can either choose between a black oxide crimp or a nickel plated crimped. You always have the option to choose the one you like the most.

4. The attachment

It all comes down to how to plan to get the ID cards attached to your lanyard. There are a lot of different kinds of attachments that you can always choose from, while some of the simplest that you can always look into are the split key ring attachment or the lanyard hook. As for the OptiWeave and OptiBraid lanyards they have their own kinds of attachments which may also include the cell phone holder and much other cool stuff.

5. Some other options

Whenever you may be choosing your lanyard there are always some other options that you also may want to look into, such as its color, if you are purchasing a lanyard for your company you may want to choose to just customized it with the company’s logo, name or both or none of them.
Now once you have finally decided which neck lanyard you want to purchase, it shouldn’t be too difficult to buy.