Husker fans have a love/hate relationship with Kirk Herbstreit.

They love his sober analysis and his appreciation for the game, but often feel slighted by Herbstreit’s assessments of the team and the lack of attention to the Huskers.

Of course, it doesn’t help that a viral video exists with Herbstreit complaining about the abundance of Husker teams in an all-time great teams poll.

Additionally, he questions the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers schedule. He must have forgot that edition of the Cornhuskers defeated No. 2 Florida 62-24 in the Fiesta Bowl and never had a final score within less than two touchdowns. The 1995 Huskers are also the only team in the history of college football to have victories over four teams ranked in the Top Ten of the final AP poll: #2 Florida, #5 Colorado, #7 Kansas State and #9 Kansas.

But Herbstreit is a big fan of Scott Frost and is completely on board the Scott Frost train.



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